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Thank you! by Berthadene Faiupu Keki
This article is a thank you of Berthadine Faiupu Keki because while the Miss Teuila contesting was running she was unfortunately not the winner but all the visitors of WSAMOA voted for her so she became Miss WSAMOA

Talofa lava!! I would like to thank all those who followed and supported me through my journey in the Miss Teuila. I had a few opportunities to visit the forum and see how many positive comments were being posted everyday.

It not only helped and motivated me but the encouragement of the other contestants, I'm sure, was very much appreciated. I enjoyed every bit of my experience in being in the Miss Teuila and you all helped make this enjoyable experience even more positive for me.

So thank you to you all. And to to the rest of the contestants....I miss you all and want to thank you for the friendships and bonds built between us. Finally to all the people at WSAMOA ONLINE, thank you for making it possible for all Samoans around the world to have their say and view their opinions. God Bless you all.