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Certified Tattoo Artist and Body Piercer at only 21 years old. Mike Schwalger Cell: 7780164 Email: More
Here is a pic during our samaga pe'a, taken with Suluape Su'a. We are grandchildren of the late Tuiono from the village of Magiagi, Upolu. More
Tama Faleata tattoo done in Arizona....Tala One
See more tattoo's here! Click on More More
This is the tattoo I got back in Hawaii
I got it to honor my family. My wife is from Matu'u. She got hers first, I got mine as a larger extended version of hers. I wanted to seal her and our family to my body forever and show the world h... More

Show your Tattoo?

mailto More
Personal designed, maked by Luis Rebolledo!
Tattoo we are doing this for several years. Is not yet complete because is a design that we are still building. I hope to send a new picture when it is complete. More

This is the only thing that makes me feel I'm a real Samoan, ready to serve my community

(end) More
This tattoo map shows a number of tattoo shops who performing Samoan style tattoos. The map indicates whether the shops are reliable and whether they have a high hygenic level of working. This map... More
Traditional body tat done by Sulu'ape More
Polynesian Tattoos
Aki Aupa'au Christchurch, New Zealand ph: 03 9800134 cell: 021 0715328 email: More
Tattoo done in Samoa
Tattoo added on 7 July 2007 More
2 Malus, done by father and son, Su'a Suluape, and Peter Suluape. Keeping the tradition alive. Malus are on sisters, Nola and aniva Gidlow. More
2 Malus, done by father and son, Su'a Suluape, and Peter Suluape. Keeping the tradition alive. Malus are on sisters, Nola and aniva Gidlow. More
Justin Pauga
Click on more to see the photo closer. The tattoo was done by no other than Samoan Mike of Sacred Center Tattoo. More
Sleeve Tattoo
My sleeve tattoo was completed by Mareko (from Lalovaia, Samoa) in Mangere, Auckland, NZ on 30 December 2005. This beautiful piece of pure artistic brilliance and skill was completed in approximately ... More
Samoan Tattoos: Picture Manu Samoa rugby player
Tattoos, or pe'a, demonstrate the strong ties many Samoans feel for their culture. Samoans have practiced the art of tattooing both men and women for over 2,000 years. To this day, a man's tattoo exte... More
This tattoo was done in Sept 04 in Samoa. Done the traditional way by Suluape over 4hrs. More
Traditional tattoo of Samoan women 'Malu' - 1 -
In the past, the traditional tattoo of Samoan women, called malu, was performed on young women somewhere between the ages of fourteen and twenty-five. These women were important members of a famil... More
Traditional tattoo of Samoan women 'Malu' - 2-
Malu means to protect. While women's tattoo may have had protective significance in the past, today it is discussed in terms of family status and cultural commitment. When a women is preparing to get ... More
Done by late Suluape in Auckland New Zealand
Tattoo done by Solomona Suluape nephew
Liu Fa'amate from Brisbane Queensland Australia 24 years of age plays rugby league for Goodna leagues club in Brisbane Born in Lalomanu Wsamoa. Loud and proud to be a Samoan. More
Manu Samoa 4 ever
Origin of the Samoan Tattoo
There are not many Polynesian words that have entered the English language, but perhaps the most widely used is tattoo. Exactly where and when the word "tattoo" originated is open to debate, but it is... More
Pe'a on arm
Tattoo Samoa
sacred center tattoo More
The pea only made it more modern
The inside of a mens leg More
Maori tattoo
Samoa proves a weighty problem for Argentina
Monday, December 05, 2005 Cencus Johnston and Semo Sititi scored early tries and Samoa used its superior size to overcome an early setback and beat a second-choice Argentina side 28- 12 in heavy r... More
Samoa text on the back More
Design More
PEA mens tatoo
Design More
Tattoo from the Rock!
Source: More
Samoan winger, Lome Fa'atau, shows off his traditional Samoan tattoo (pe'a) during the Rugby World Cup 2003 held in Australia. Lome said, that the pe'a was a way for young Samoan men to honour the... More
Tattoo Samoa
Hey folks whatz up? I just wanna show my tattoo because on this site I have the opportunity to show my tat. There was a old artist near the food market in Apia who made this tattoo. I`m very proud of ... More
Tattoo Samoa
Hello And Talofa everyone! Well this is my new tattoo! I'm very proud of it and wanted to show to everybody who is reading this! Good work and craftmanship to the tattoo guy! Thanks for having my... More
Design More
Tattoo Stories
This is the only thing that makes me feel I'm a real Samoan, ready to serve my community. More
Song during the painfull tattoo operation
During the who of the process the tattooer, tufuga is assisted by upto six helpers all of whom wish to become masters themselves. One will be responsible for the mixing of the dyes, another is respons... More
Samoa tattoo links
Do you want to add your Tattoo link on this page? Feel free to mail your link to us! Its also possible to add an picture/short story of your site to your link! More