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Looking for Cecilia Faleniko - SPECIAL REQUEST FOUND!!!!! It must be a Christmas Miracle!

Underneath message was posted beginning of December.
The person has been found thanks to this post, according to Mary it was a Christmas Miracle!

WSAMOA wishes Mary a wonderful Christmas together with her lost friends!



Talofa Lava.

I hope to contact the person in this photo (taken in 1968) and I ask you to help me if you are able.

The baby in the photo is our son, Mark, who was born in Apia Hospital in 1967. My husband David Ziegenhagen was the first director of the U.S. Peace Corps in Samoa and we lived in Lotopa for nearly 3 years. Neil Helleso owned the house we rented.

The young woman in picture was Cecilia Falaniko and her name may have changed since then. If you can find her and give me an address by which I can reach her, I would be very thankful. Also, any suggestions you have will be appreciated.

Samoa is a wonderful country and we were honored to live there during the transition to Independence. Fetaui Mattaafa and Fanaafi Larkin were good friends.

Cecilia Faleniko was our family caregiver and helper while we lived in Lotopa, in a house we rented from Neil Hellesoe, next door to Sam Atoa's family, from about May 1967 until December 1969. The child in the photo is our son Mark, who just celebrated his 47th birthday. If we can find Cecelia (Celia), it would be wonderful to be in touch with her again. .

Cecilia's Falaniko family lived by the Lotopa Road not far, I believe, from the cocoa plantation. She was a loving presence in our home and a tremendous help to our family as we had a new baby, born at the Apia Hospital in December 1967.

We are living now in California and retired.

Cecilia was about 17 years old when when we met. The Missionary Sisters of Mary, who trained girls for service in English-Speaking households, introduced us. The Sisters convent on the hill was next to a large church. I believe that when we returned to the U.S., the Sisters' plan for Cecilia was for her to go to New Zealand and work for a seminary or some priests for two years and then return to Samoa. I don't know for sure that actually took place.

Cecelia's father made a beautiful large kava bowl for us as a parting gift and we continue to appreciate that kindness as well as Cecelia's association with us.

My email address is:
David and Mark and I would appreciate any information about Cecilia's whereabouts that can reach us.

Thank you for helping us in our search.

Mary Ziegenhagen

Mary Ziegenhagen
281 Red Mountain Drive
Cloverdale, CA 95425