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How a Dutch coach and a transgender defender turned things around for American Samoa's soccer team
13-05-2014 -

It's a month-long contest, pitting the best soccer teams on Earth, all with their eyes on the title of world champion.

The next men's tournament, in Brazil, starts June 12th. But it was preceded by two years of gruelling qualifying rounds, involving hundreds of games and more than 200 nations.

Well, a new documentary film called "Next Goal Wins" features a team you won't see competing in Brazil. In fact, this team from American Samoa is considered among the worst ever.

The film doesn't hold back in cataloguing the team's record-setting losing streak. We're talking decades without ever winning or even tying a single World Cup qualifying match.

One particulalrly nightmarish memory: a game against Australia, which crushed American Samoa by a score of 31 to 0.