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Heart disease warning
3-04-2014 - SamoaObserver.

Cardiologist, Dr. Satupaitea Viali, has warned that Samoa is facing rising costs of rheumatic heart disease – one that is already using up a big part of the country’s $10 million overseas treatment budget.

In a report titled “Rheumatic heart disease in Samoa and the Pacific Nations” published in this month’s edition of the Journal of Primary Health Care, Dr. Viali said acute rheumatic fever (A.R.F.) and its long-term sequel, chronic rheumatic heart disease (R.H.D.), remain a massive problem around the world, especially in the developing world.

“Since 2003, the Government of Samoa has sent between 25 and 30 young people every year for R.H.D. surgery in New Zealand,” he said.

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