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Marsden Fund to reveal two-hundred years of Samoan history
21 nov. 2013 -

Professor’s Marsden Fund to reveal two-hundred years of Samoan history

Samoa has a vast history and yet many aspects of its past have surprisingly little written about them.

Now Associate Professor Damon Salesa of the University of Auckland’s Centre for Pacific Studies will use his recent grant from the Marsden Fund to embark on a project to research two-hundred years of Samoan history.

The project will result in two volumes of work. "The Transformation of Everyday Life in Samoa (1800-2000)" will research and reconstruct a Samoan history ‘from below’, a history not just of chiefs, elites and extraordinary characters, but of what Samoans held in common, their shared experiences of ‘everyday life’.

Damon says that for Samoa, like other countries that were colonised, history tends to be written about the colonisers from their perspective, not of the local people.

“This is a way to put stories about Samoans right at the front," he explains

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