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Samoa remains a top secret
12 nov. 2013 - Samoa Observer


Samoa remains the world’s most top secret tax haven, according to the latest update of a global index ranking secrecy laws worldwide.

The Financial Secrecy Index (FSI) ranks Samoa at 88, just ahead of Vanuatu.

Tax havens are estimated to conceal upwards of US$21 trillion.

“Samoa’s 88 per cent secrecy score shows that it must still make major progress in offering satisfactory financial transparency,” reads the FSI finding, released on 7November 2013.

“If it wishes to play a full part in the modern financial community and to impede and deter illicit financial flows, including flows originating from tax evasion, aggressive tax avoidance practices, corrupt practices and criminal activities, it should take action on the points noted where it falls short of acceptable international standards.”

Samoa, however, ranks near the end of the FSI ranking in terms of global significance, with the volume of financial flows estimated to be “tiny”.

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