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Why do corrupt politicians get to enjoy theft and enjoy public respect?

With the damage they do, shouldn't they be pulled down from their high offices, ripped from their luxury cars and thrown into the streets without their shoes and made to face the victims of their crimes.

Shouldn't they be banned from politics for life and only permitted supervised bank accounts, denied escape overseas to their hidden $?

Why we criticise our Samoan government - the HRPP?

While secretly making a billion plus $ a year from SIFA the tax haven, which is divided among them, they grind our people of Samoa into the dust.

The HRPP because it believes the end justifies the means no matter who gets hurt, what lies have to be told, no independent auditing of public finances, unconstitutional laws, ignoring the Constitution - exclusion clauses, while ripping off the Aiga- - dirty underhand dealings-bullying of the public, cowardly bowing down to foreigners to beg for money, propaganda while controlling the media - special health care for themselves while neglecting and therefore killing off the Aiga with bad health care. That's why they must go- why government needs to be cleaned out - they are parasites killing and corrupting our nation.

Our forefathers would be so ashamed of the cowards and cannibals who run Samoa.

There are two societies in Samoa: the first is the traditional society - the Fa'aSamoa, the second is the kupe society of corrupt money based on billions of dollars of money stolen from the people by corrupt politicians. The kupe society bribes those in the Fa'aSamoa with as little $ as possible. While the leaders and matai in the traditional society are kept obedient with small candies and gifts, the corrupt kupe society built around SIFA and stolen tax and aid $ is wealthy beyond belief always looking for $ opportunities in aid etc, climate change overseas.

If the traditional society realised that the corrupt politicians at the top have personal wealth in the hundreds of millions, how would they react knowing it is all the proceeds of crime?

The Chinese have a saying that leaders who do not love the people are thieves in fine clothing.

They also warn that if you see a honey pot on the side of the road do not drink or you will be drinking 6 fathoms deep.

The Human Rights Protection Party leaders have tasted the pleasures of unlimited cash and it owns them. I appeal to my brothers and sisters of Samoa who love all of our people, so as to honour our ancestors and follow the will of heaven to seek out all of the stories of abuse that are happening right now and tell our people.

`Our Constitution, by its separation of powers and its system of checks and balances, acts as a restraint upon efficiency by denying exclusive power to any branch of government. However the HRPP have laid siege to our Constitution for decades undermining it.

The logic of governmental efficiency, unchecked, runs straight on, not only to dictatorship, but also to torture, assassination, and other abominations.’ ― Wendell Berry

Until Next Time
Ma le Fa'aaloalo Lava
FSM Taua


6 March 2009

Unquestioning obedience creates a race of slaves.

William T. Vollman at page 447 of his book `Rising Up and Rising Down' offers the following steps in discovering the truth.

Step 1

Ask yourself what is really happening: think as clearly as you can.

Step 2

Listen to the views of others - talk to witnesses - understand why people do what they do and try to understand happiness and suffering.

Step 3

Look into history for similar events that have occurred and what has been learnt by historians and scholars.

Step 4

Look to see whether the person or company or government is acting in service. Volleman says that" He who helps not, cares not. He who cares not, possesses no right to guide others lives.

Step 5

As you learn and understand more change your views to reflect your greater wisdom.

Step 6

Work out in any situation what factors or events or statements have nothing to do with your search for the truth. In other words, don't get distracted.

Samoans need only obey those who truly care about them.

I believe that what is really happening in Samoa is that we are in the checkmate phase of a class war.

The HRPP is changing society through legislation to create a class of super wealthy.

The Land Titles Registration Act 2008 is unconstitutional, unchristian and undemocratic.
It removes the rights to land from 98% of the population.

The Water Resources Management Act 2008 seeks to steal the water from its traditional owners by arguing - "we know best, do as we say. Just because the law will allow us to abuse you that does not mean that we will. Trust us -We are your leaders."

Imagine if the super wealthy control the land and water, even unlawfully, and the people resist.

The Police Powers Act 2007 enables the PM and Head of State to use foreign military against Samoans for a public purpose. Men with their faces covered using any force necessary against the Aiga Samoa. Immune from prosecution so any who oppose them are called criminals.

If you say to a policeman about to force you off your land, that the government said it would never force you off your land, he will say, " The law says I can. I have my orders."

If he is a visiting specialist he can murder you in self defence take your land and property if those are his orders. If you resist you are at risk of being called an outlaw.

If William T. Vollman examines history and considers the following statements true, then a person who loves their country and does not wish to become a slave might think carefully about what he says.

Every society must have a mechanism to prevent its leaders destroying the people.
You see some men would sell Samoa for money.

If they can buy your vote, then they can use that power once in Government to earn billions more. If money is their god, they have no place leading Samoa or do they?

Our leaders cannot serve the interests of foreign powers at our expense.

If they have borrowed hundreds of millions - then open the books and show us in detail where it went. But understand this. The traditional rights of Aiga under the Fa'aSamoa have never been available for bargaining. Our leaders have no authority to weigh our family property up against their own interests.

Do they hate me for thinking about right and wrong?

You see every member of our race is entitled to scream at the top of his or her lungs if he sees death or destruction coming upon the family.

If our leaders are being mind controlled against our interests by foreign powers, by the devil or just plain greed, then common sense says that the survival of our race is more important than hurting their feelings and i am a patriot to continue to plead and to pray.

I challenge anyone to say that Samoans in Samoa and worldwide should have less rights than those contained in the Declaration of Samoan Rights Under the FaaSamoa dated 20 June 2008.

I am not being fia poto by bringing these matters to the governments attention because my customary land rights and those of every other Samoan are affected.

Every Samoan family will suffer. All but the High Chiefs will have to bow down as these matai will have taken the wealth of their families for themselves alone. This is not the faaSamoa.

This is the way of Evil.

Does our PM know that Samoans from around the World send hundreds of millions of tala every year as tautua to preserve their family relationships, their connection to titles and their customary land rights?

Is it fair that their tautua is ignored?

Has the Human Rights Protection Party changed the constitution and laws to further its own interests?

Have they become not servants but overlords?

Does the government force its will upon the people.

Does it make itself rich at the expense of the people? Are the people becoming poorer as a result of HRPP activity.?

Is the state restricting the rights and liberties of the people reducing them to slavery?

Do people feel threatened not safer under the Government?

Can the people peacefully remove corrupt government if it threatens to permanently take the peoples natural resources or has the government created corrupt and hidden mechanisms to keep power and reduce the people to economic slavery?

You see tell me this:

- Has the government set itself in permanent power?

- Does it refuse to discuss or debate serious issues affecting the welfare of the nation?

- Does it have no sympathy for the people?

-Is it acting to permanently damage the rights of those governed?

-Is there any way of correcting these leaders before they do permanent damage to the resources of the nation?

-Are the majority being victimised by a governing minority?

-Does the HRPP seize greater power in bursts of speed to permanently deprive the majority of fundamental rights and freedoms?

- Has it used bribery to win elections and is it acting corruptly to endanger the good of the majority?

If the HRPP are a small part of Samoan society who act selfishly and are opposed to the interests of society then Samoans have a duty to ask questions.



Because Parliament sits in silence and is unable or unwilling to protect the family, it cannot outlaw those who stand for the good of all.



26 Feb. 2009


On 23 February 2009 before God and Sa Moa a government puppet, Dr.
Ieti Taulealo, lied on behalf of the HRP Party.

He told God and Sa Moa that the Land Titles Registration Act 2008 ,
hereafter referred to as the Act, protects customary land when it
actually destroys all customary land converting it to freehold title.

It is the will of the HRP Party to register all land in Sa Moa under
the Torrens System contained in the Act .

Only 1 type of title is created under this Act and it is freehold.
Section 32 of the Act converts customary land title into freehold
land title. It permanently destroys the customary land status of the
land recorded and with that destruction all links of that land to the
ancestors and the unborn are destroyed forever.

Our Constitution commands all politicians to protect all rights of
the citizens of Sa Moa especially fundamental rights. The Supreme law
of Sa Moa is made up of the Constitution. the Fa'a Sa Moa and
Christian principles. The Act is unlawful and offends against all
three schools of law which make up our Supreme Law.

Article 102 of the Constitution is broken by the Act because it
permanently takes away the customary land rights of ALL Sa Moans. It
issues a freehold title to a few members of the population and
destroys all customary land rights so that a few Sa Moans will become
wealthy forever and the rest of Sa Moa will become economic slaves
forced to work on other peoples land for a living and forced to rent
space to live on and to be buried in. No more freedom for Sa Moans
rent will be expensive and food will be just as costly.

Article 109 of the Constitution states that if the land structure of
Sa Moa is to be changed there must be a national referendum and 2/3
of voters must agree to the end of customary land for our people.

Knowing this the HRP Party have bypassed the National Referendum. In
private they say that with a majority in parliament they do not need
to hold a referendum because they rule Sa Moa.

This is not what our Constitution requires. Our Constitution requires
a National Referendum before this act can be submitted to the Head of
State for signing. It cannot become law until 2/3 of voters agree to
the end of customary land title for our people.

Section 9(4) of the Act promises to protect customary land rights but
is only a trick for the only title created by the Act is freehold
title which gives the registered owner the right to " exclusive
possession" which means he or she or the company consisting of no
more than 25% foreign shareholding may remove anyone else from the
land and treat it as theirs for all time. Any customary land rights
belonging to other persons who might have greater title are destroyed
and the link between the ancestors and the unborn is destroyed for
that land forever. As soon as any land is recorded on the register of
the Torrens conversion system it loses its customary land status

The HRP Party is not a party that protects Human Rights. It is a
party that abuses and exploits the Human Rights of the people of Sa
Moa to make it and its supporters rich by stealing the resources of
Sa Moa from the people.

The Act creates a land race with winners and losers. This is
unconstitutional. All Sa Moans worldwide who have not lived in Sa Moa
for 2.5 years within the past 3 years must return and live in Sa Moa
for 2.5 years before they can make a claim to register land under the

Within 1 year ALL customary land will be gone and replaced by land
owned freehold.

The HRP Party and its supporters will own 90% of the land of Sa Moa
either in their own right or as 75% shareholders of foreign
companies. The land will also be available for purchase by foreign
countries either through foreign companies or in their own names with
the permission of the Head of State.

By unlawfully converting customary land owned by Aiga into freehold
title owned by single people the HRP Party have not only acted
unconstitutionally and in breach of the Fa'a Sa Moa but they have
also departed from Christian principles.

The Ten Commandments say:

Thou shalt honour thy Father and thy Mother; Thou shalt not lie; Thou
shalt not steal; Thou shalt not covet.

By destroying customary land title the bones of our ancestors will be
violated for foreigners will come and live on our lands while our
people are taken away and these foreigners will shit on the bones of
our ancestors.

They have lied to Sa Moa about the Act. The Act steals the treasure
of the Aiga -the land and its resources and gives it to a few selfish
HRP Party supporters and to foreigners while the suli will rot like
fruit thrown away in the land of our ancestors and our unborn will
arrive to shame with the bootmark of slavery on their foreheads
instead of with honour as the Lords and Ladies of a free land gifted
to them by our ancestors to preserve for all time.

The Constitution states in Article 2 (2) Any existing law and any law
passed after the date of coming into force of this Constitution ,
which is inconsistent with this Constitution shall, to the extent of
the inconsistency, be void.

Void means it is unlawful and of no effect as if it had never been
made, never been passed by the HRP Party.

My beloved people of Sa Moa worldwide we have a problem because the
HRP Party owns the Courts and pays the judges and buys them houses
and cars and gives them overseas trips. How can these HRP Party
supporters rule on the Supreme Law against their own party?

I have studied history and discovered that whenever a group or
government wishes to take the customary land of native peoples that
the winner is always the one with the biggest army.

In November 2007 the HRP Party passed the Police Powers Act 2007
enabling the PM "Malie le Gaoi" and the Head of State to bring
foreign military into Sa Moa for a public purpose to be decided by
the PM' " Malie le Gaoi" and the Head of State.

These visiting specialists, Aitu, can come from anywhere into Sa Moa,
bring the weapons of their choosing and use these weapons on Sa Moans
without being charged as the Police Powers Act 2007 says they are
immune to Sa Moan law and above it.

How sad that before 2007 only God was above the law in Sa Moa. This
party make Sa Moans second class citizens so that foreigners can
inflict the seven deadly sins on Sa Moans and those who oppose them
will be called criminals. If a child was accidentally run over this
law means no compensation is payable and no criminal charges will be
laid. They can kill and forget but how can we forget this disgraceful
law by a disgraceful party.

This is the HRP Party's way of protecting Human Rights, my beloved

This is their army to force the people off the land and unless we
stand up now as the Aiga Sa Moa Atoa and reject them as our leaders,
our customary land will be gone this year and our unborn will be born
into slavery.

Now is the time, my precious Sa Moa, to repay the ancestors by
protecting our land so that the unborn receive the gift of this land
and its treasures from their ancestors. This is our time. We are the
Guardians of the future. We must stand up for those who cannot-the
Ancestors and the Unborn. We must raise our fists toward the
Government Building and Shout,


As to Dr. Ieti Taulealo's comments about my website, i humbly invite all Sa Moa to view it. It
records the lies and betrayals of the HRP Party and has links which
provide full copies of the Act and other Acts.

It is no wonder that Dr. Ieti Taulealo, a government puppett would
find the truth set out before his eyes shocking for it threatens the
HRP Party's evil plans.

In order that he be forgiven by God and Aiga Sa Moa Atoa and the
editor Savea Sano Malifa of the Observer for his lies about the Act,
I humbly request that he apologise and admit his lies.

If he does not he will be branded forever in Sa Moan history as a
liar and government puppett prepared to say anything to deceive the

Aiga Sa Moa Atoa let us join hands worldwide let us stand united as
one family and stand against this Act written by Australia to destroy
our people.

Let us show them how alofa works when we share and look after the
little children, the sick and the elderly and every other member of
Sa Moa.

The HRP Party have gone too far! Their final solution is to kill off
their own family for money.
No more can Sa Moa afford spoilt brat politicians who grow wealthy
while children fail to learn and the elderly and sick die needlessly
in the hospitals.

Sa Moa with me comes a new breed of politicians who put the people

We have been given so much by our ancestors. It is time mighty men
and women of Sa Moa to tell these political dinosaurs to leave before
they destroy our country forever this year.

Let us all turn towards the Government building raise our fists in
protest and as a show of strength and shout,


Soifua Maua Faleauto - Aiga Sa Moa Atoa

(also known as FSM)

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TU TIKA- To be upright - FSM TAUA
10 Feb. 2009

This teaching is recorded on a sign interpreting a sculpture in the Kaitaia District Court, Northland, New Zealand

There are three points representing Atua.
(Holiness has 3 aspects.)

Tika, the centrepoint, tapu, the border to the left and Mana , the border to the right

Tika is the principle of addressing tapu, problems, with mana (being) ( stillness under fire) zanshin

Seven attributes are needed to enhance and maintain Tika.

Be correct
Be In order, right
Be upright
Be fitting and proper
Be Worthy of address
Be Direct
Be just morally and legally

Tapu relates to restrictions, sacredness, dignity and worth by reason.

People who fill roles need mana to enable them to perform the roles of kokiri and tautoko.

Mana must be exercised with tika according to the same principle that applies to tika and tapu.

When mana is not exercised with tika the consequence is violation not just of the victim but also the perpetrator.

Te tangata is dominated by 3 kauri figures (tupuna) - from top to bottom taru taru, ngono and ihengatai.

Ihengatai is connected to the whenua to remind us of our association and responsibility to the land.

All 3 figures are being gnawed by manaia. They are 18 in total each representing the following:-

1) Pohehe- states of confusion or deception
2) Kuare - ignorance
3) Kore whakaaro - thoughtlessness
4) Mangere - laziness
5) Ngoi kore - listlessness or apathy
6) Whakahawea - belittling or despising others
7) Whakapehapeha - arrogance and pride
8) Amuamu , puku-riri - discontent, grumbling
9) Whakahiihii- cheekiness
10)Turi, poturi - stubbornness
11) puhae, kohae - jealousy
12) ngau tuara -back biting and negative criticism
13) matapiko - meanness
14) apo - greed
15) tahae - theft or robbery
16) mauahara, rapuutu - bearing grudges or seeking revenge
17) ngakaukino, wairua kino - ill will, hate
18) tukino, patu, kohuru - abuse violation, murder or violence

All of the above (manaia) are the many influences that contribute to the "" violations of man"".

Failing to exercise tika in the relationship of tapu or in the exercise of mana results in violation.

Should we abandon tika we succumb to the vices above.

The following qualities, attributes and skills are needed to ensure tika addresses, restores and enhances tapu.

1. discernment
2. knowledge and understanding
3. energy, innovation and activity
4. supporting and encouraging others
5. humility
6. bravery and courage
7. perseverance and patience
8. faith and trust
9. being hospitable
10. bona fides- good will
11. to protect and nurture

If tapu is addressed, restored and enhanced by the 11 virtues above then mana, the energy by which people achieve their goals in life, empowering themselves and others, allows liberation from the state of weakness and powerlessness.

Mana must be exercised with tika otherwise the dynamic of violation of the victim and perpetrator are perpetuated.

Peace, reconciliation and love must be enhanced by kokiri - the need to take positive action, tautoko - the need to offer support one of another and whakatara - the challenger to initiate options.

Tika must motivate action. Tika demands hohou-rongo that we enter into reconciliation against injustice. Otherwise Noa results i.e. weakness and apathy. This is wrong for it deprives the victim and the violator of the opportunity to be whole again. The violator and the victim are deprived of the mana needed to achieve their goals in life.

As one family member to another - First Column FSM TAUA
4 Feb. 2009

All we in Samoa form part of one extended family or another –Aiga Samoa, Aiga Pasifika, Aiga Adam and Eve.

In March of 2008 I was sent a copy of the Land Titles Registration Bill 2007 by a worried family member of the Aiga Samoa –not a lawyer. As a lawyer I saw that the Land Bill was like the Trojan Horse –given as a gift but made to hide death and destruction for my family. It was written to destroy all parts of our family through greed and hate. It would take the customary land rights from 98% of the family and give them to the leaders -2%. Written by enemies of our family-the 2% would then become a target for the angry 98% of our family reduced to slavery.

Our enemies would laugh as we fought tearing our family apart – rich v poor. Our enemies would steal our peace through dividing us, then conquer the home land after our infighting.

The Land Titles Registration Act 2008

I watched the Right Hand Drive issue with interest. Financially it seemed that the change was in nobody’s interest. The PM told other members of our family of Samoa that he was in charge and that he would do what he wanted as he had the family MPs in Parliament. I was shocked. As a father of the Nation he laughed and mocked old men and women, the matai. He ignored the suffering and confusion of the children of Samoa. He seemed to be using the shock doctrine of the Chicago School of Economics, which used the social up heaval caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods or economic disaster, to engineer social change and to create a class of super wealthy at the expense of the remaining 98% of the population.

I began to follow events more closely. In September 2007 the UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights preserved many rights that protected the ordinary people of the world from being ripped off. Yet the Human Rights Protection Party had no heart to protect the rights of the family of Samoa.

In November 2007 police powers were extended by the Police Powers Act2007
so that foreigners (not family members) could police the family.

If the Head of State and the PM agreed on a plan then mercenaries, gunslingers, killers and thieves could enter as police armed with knives, guns, bombs, chemical or nuclear weapons and they were abovethe law of the family. If they suspected any crime no matter how minor a family member could be watched with cameras, robotic devices and electronic listening devices. They could capture , torture or kill family members and steal their land and come and go from Samoa like aitu above the law of man.

Nobody could search them and they could enter Samoa from air or sea or from the pits of Hell. Why do our nation’s fathers need a private army when we above all nations respect and love the righteous command? Have they forgotten that although an English man’s home is his castle that the land of each aiga is sacred and private and that entry of any sort without permission was a traditional declaration of war in the Fa’aSamoa? I began to sweat.

Only God had been above the law now a licence could be issued so that Samoan citizens were now reduced to a second class status. These licence holders could commit any crime against Samoans with complete immunity from criminal and civil law. Any Samoan who objected or opposed them would be called a criminal. Then I read the Water Resource Management Bill 2008 and I understood. Insanity had claimed our leaders. They would take all the water from their own family and sell it back to their own family for gold.

The Water Resources Management Act 2008

I wrote to the Samoa Observer asking for more and more reassurances from our senior family members in Parliament but they ignored meremaining silent or chirped or squeeked like small wild life about local markets or sport or how great our overseas friends, Japan–China-Australia –New Zealand are. Then the propaganda began. Half lies and reassurances began to flow. “ Trust us” was the message fromour senior family leaders.

But as a lawyer I could see the same legal tricks that had killed other nations being used to fool our family and steal the birth right of not only Aiga Samoa but Aiga Samoa Atoa-the millions alive worldwide, the ancestors and the unborn.

I am not fia poto to cry, “Wolf”, when the Wolf has Samoa between its jaws. My family wake up! The Wolf is here among us and the family will bedead within 3 years unless in love we push aside - for the survival of our family- the Servants of the Wolf.

F S M A list of the Ten Commandments

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Thinking and Oral skills to set you free! - FSM TAUA
18 Feb. 2009

Sa Moa,

This week I would like to introduce to you a method of self education .
This exercise, if done as I say, will increase your intelligence and your happiness.
Take a dictionary and look up the meaning of every word below.
Then in your own words rewrite the list in your own language.
Have fun. This is a quick way to boost your brainpower.

Learn to:

1. express a point clearly
2. take a point of view
3. make a personal value statement
4. express a preference
5. give an example
6. give several examples
7. give appropriate examples
8. make a comparison
9. draw a contrast
10. use an analogy
11. use supposition
12. use persuasive language
13. give a reason
14. give a variety of reasons
15. give appropriate reasons
16. quote evidence
17. weigh up evidence
18. refer to own experience to support arguments
19. appeal to authority of various kinds
20. stick to the point, be relevant
21. show a degree of logic in the development of the argument.
22. repetition in another form
23. take into account another's point of view
24. listen and respond to other's point of view
25. sum up the progress of a discussion or argument.
26. speak at length linking several points together.
27. avoid diversion
28. speak with authority without histrionics or aggression
29. vary the structure of written argument
30. write in various forms e.g. letter, dialogue, essay.
31. use appropriate connectives e.g. although, nevertheless or on the other hand
32. introduce and conclude well
33. write in a lively readable way
34. be sensitive to the purpose of the argument and to the audience/.

Think of the levels above as colours you are able to see:

The higher up you go the more colours you see, therefore

the brighter your universe and the greater your awareness.

Compare it to the ability to see in the dark.

People with little awareness are easily confused, lied to and betrayed.

People high on the list can see well in the dark.

Some people can see equally well in the light or dark and some can even see long distances in the dark!

Always use a dictionary-you will learn new words (colours) every day and you will become smarter and smarter every day.

Use both a Samoan dictionary and the Concise Oxford , if you can, but any English dictionary will do..

In a month-people will be amazed - you will glow with intelligence!

Using your dictionary see if you can understand what my message is in this poem I wrote.

Now what do you say your number is?
I’ve booked a room for you

Verse One

By fire or water by load
Prove your worth!
The poker, the pincer , this knife.
the wrack , the maiden’s mirth
Nothing you say can lessen my hate.
This poem you force me to write
you force me to grin in my sin
Your pleas degrade my soul!

Now what do you say your number is?
I’ve booked a room for you.

Verse Two

How dare you ask for porridge or bread
I know you guilty by birth
born free casually but sold to a villain to work
O Millions have died? Millions starve.
Disease it wastes away.
try my patience not! try my patience not!
what yield? what yield? I say
Now what do you say your number is?
I’ve booked a room for you

Verse Three
Pay tax pay tax forever a day
how else maintain my edge
I know well the power of life
I - the pinnacle - dread
Sleep on fine cattle
That i may feed
your worth but my every need

Now what do you say your number is?
I’ve booked a room for you

Verse Four

Don’t you know its true what he said.
“ the way-the truth and the life”
You are your way your truth your life
come closer come closer.
take the apples of strife
“ Sod- I am your God.

Now what do you say your number is?
I’ve booked a room for you

Verse Five

My riches approach the infinite
My greed infinite beyond!
Now what do you say your number is?
I’ve booked a room for you.

17 July 2008

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Omote and Ura - FSM TAUA
2 March 2009

The Japanese have a saying that in every situation there exists omote and ura.

Omote is that which is obvious, open and that all can see.

Ura is that which is hidden, concealed or lurking.

The Land Titles Registration Act 2008( hereinafter referred to as "the Act" contains both omote and ura.

The Act is unlawful and unconstitutional. It kills the FaaSamoa and the Faamatai and customary land.

If customary land is registered under the Act traditional ownership rights change as follows:

[1] For Samoans in Samoa.

The Sa'o owns all of the family land as his personal property which passes to his children.
All other matai have no ownership rights or control over the land once owned by their ancestors.
They and their families must now pay for living on the land and buy any food, fish or resources that come from the land.

It follows from this that the Sa'o title will pass from father to son and the suli will never share ownership of the land or title.
All aiga under the Sa'o and his children are cut off from the land and title forever.

[2] For Samoans outside Samoa

All lose their family land within 2009.
By S.25 of the Act overseas Samoans may not claim title to land unless they have lived for 2.5 years out of 3 years in Samoa before registering a claim.

This means all customary land will be claimed by those Sa'o in Samoa or those next in line resident in Samoa.
All matai and aiga outside Samoa will lose their family land rights due to S.25 of the Act.


Any company may buy land in Samoa as long as overseas Samoans do not own more than 25% of the shareholding of the Company.

The Constitution and The Act

The Act is rendered void and of no effect by Article 2 of the Constitution because it breaches Articles 14,15,102 and 109 .

Article 14 states,

`No property shall be taken possession of compulsorily, and no right over or interest in any property shall be acquired compulsorily...'

Article 14 conflicts with S.32 of the Act which states,

`Estate of Registered proprietor paramount-

(1) Notwithstanding the existence in any other person of any estate or interest which but for this Act might be held to be paramount or to have priority, the registered proprietor for the time being of any estate or interest in land recorded in a folio of the Register shall, except in case of fraud, hold the same, subject to such other estates and interests and such entries if any as are recorded in that folio, but absolutely free from all other estates that are not so recorded.

So Article 14 and S.32 conflict because Customary land is changed into freehold land by registration.
Ownership goes from the entire Aiga to 1 person.

The land passes on the death from 1 person only to their children.

Article 15 of the Constitution is breached by S.32 and S.25 of the Act

`Article 15

Freedom from discriminatory legislation

(1) All persons are equal before the law and entitled to equal protection under the law.

(2) Except as expressly authorised under the provisions of this Constitution, no law and no executive or administrative action of the State shall either expressly or in its practical application, subject any person or persons to any disability or restriction or confer on any person or persons any privilege or advantage on grounds only of descent, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, social origin, place of birth, family status, or any of them.

Provided that the State shall direct its policy towards the progressive removal of any disability or restriction which has been imposed or any of the grounds referred to in clause (2) and of any privilege or advantage which has been conferred on any of these grounds.

S.32 of the Act breaches Articles 15 of the Constitution because it discriminates against all members of the Aiga except the Sa'o.

There is no justification to remove the land rights of 98% of Samoans worldwide in favour of 2% of Samoans resident in Samoa.

S.25 breaches Article 15 because it provides that a certificate of correctness must be filed with a claim to register land which must certify that any Samoan seeking to be registered as a proprietor or owner of land must have lived within samoa for 2.5 years out of the 3 years immediately before seeking to be registered as a land owner.

Further no company may seek to be registered as an owner of land if it has more than a 25% shareholding of overseas Samoans.

Both examples above show discrimination against overseas Samoans who tautua to the value of $300 million tala every year.

Article 102 of the Constitution is breached by S.32 of the Act

Article 102 states,

` No alienation of customary land

It shall not be lawful or competent for any person to make any alienation or disposition of customary land or of any interest in customary land, whether by way of sale, mortgage or otherwise howsoever nor shall customary land or any interest therein be capable of being taken in execution or be assets for the payment of the debts of any person on his decease or insolvency.

Article 102 conflicts with S.32, 44, 59 and 70 of the Act.

S.32 permanently ends all customary title by taking the customary land rights of all samoans away and changing them into a freehold title held by one person and passed to his children. That one person owns the land and everything that grows on it, minerals under it and can charge rent to the suli or have them removed.

S.44 permits mortgages to be taken over the freehold land that was customary land as security for debt.

S.59 On bankruptcy the freehold land of a debtor that was customary land can be taken.

S.70 A person or company that lends money including a bank can take the land of a person if he has used the land as security to obtain a loan.

Article 109 of the Constitution is breached by S.32, 44, 59 and 70 of the Act

Article 109 Amendment of Constitution

(1) Any of the provisions of the Constitution may be amended or repealed by an Act and new provisions may be inserted in this Constitution by an Act, if a bill for any such purpose is supported at its third reading by the votes of not less than 2/3 of the total number of members of parliament(including vacancies) and if not fewer than 90 days elapse between the 2nd and 3rd readings of that bill,

Provided that no bill amending, repealing or adding to the provisions of Article 102 or the provisions of this proviso shall be submitted to the Head of State for assent until it has been submitted to a poll of the electors on the rolls for the territorial constituencies established under the provisions of Article 44 and unless it has been supported by 2/3 of the valid votes cast in such a poll.

(2) A certificate under the hand of the Speaker that a bill has been passed under the provisions of clause (1) shall be conclusive and not questioned in any court.

The political consequences!

Sili, Lepea and Tanugamanono listen to me.

If all your land is owned by only one or two persons, the government only has to seek their permission and the rest of you have no right to protest.

When you lose your land rights, there is no more aiga and you are homeless.

The Wealth of the Nation?

2% of the Samoans resident in samoa will own all the land. The remaining 98% will become homeless unless they pay rent and they must work to get food.

Companies worldwide may buy your land but not companies with a shareholding of more than 25% owned shares by overseas Samoans.

The customary land was a problem for the State because it could not tax it. Section 32 permits the taxation of all Samoan land. If you dont pay the tax you will lose your land.


The Act is unlawful, undemocratic as the people have not been consulted by a National Referendum, unfair and unconstitutional. It automatically changes non taxable customary land into taxable freehold land.

It creates fabulous wealth for a few at the expense of the suffering of 98% of the population forever!

It blocks overseas Samoans from owning land in Samoa.

Faced with no land or only small holdings the poor samoans will find that:

(1) Remittances end as overseas Samoans find out that their tautua has been betrayed by the government ending their land rights.

(2) They will have to pay tax and land rates on what was customary land-with no work or remittances they will turn to the banks to borrow money or sell their land. Mortgages and sales will pass more land over to the government , the Sa'o and overseas companies including banks.

(3) With no land and having to pay rent and buy food many Samoans will become homeless. They will become slaves to the rich.

(4) No more Sa'o as Aiga lose respect. No more FaaMatai!
No more FaaSamoa.

(5) Finally and perhaps most importantly, the Act steals the Pule or Sovereignty from Aiga and all land rights are granted by the State.

All power is transferred from the people to the State.

Then the complete control of the population and its resources is achieved by the State.

Soifua Maua Faleauto

May God have mercy on Samoa - FSM TAUA
10 March 2009

The Samoan Law Society signed a certificate stating that the Land Titles Registration Bill 2008 did not affect Customary Land.

However Section 32 of the Land Titles Registration Act 2008 converts non taxable Customary land into taxable Freehold land taking away the customary land rights of the majority of Samoan Citizens.

Article 109 (1) of the Constitution requires a national referendum with a 2/3 majority support of voters before Customary land rights can be taken from Samoan Citizens.

There was no national referendum.

Article 109 (1) of the Constitution also states that no Bill alienating customary land rights may be submitted to the Head of State for his assent until it has been submitted to a national referendum and 2/3 of the voters consent to give up their customary land rights.

Yet the Head of State signed the Bill.

The assent of the Head of State to the Bill becoming an Act was unlawful as there was no referendum and his signature is therefore invalid.

The Land Titles Registration Act 2008 has not fulfilled the essential legal requirements to become a law in the Independent State of Samoa.

Four Poems for Sa Moa

The Ghost of Christmas Possible

I tell
of a realm in hell
Where the natural orders reversed
Man’s not innocent but cursed
In courts across this land
A tale only of Justice for Man.

This realm stolen by thieves
by crime enriched
established laws to
ennoble their paws
claimed the lands
of those unable to read or
taxed their dogs for fouling the air
Noxious emissions –me thane!

Crowing in their glee
so safe indeed - these shameless ones
gather in courts
discuss torts
prosecute crimes
the natives to grind
strangely geared this skewing of law
afflicts just the poor to pay taxes;
the nobles to please
And live in wasteland industrial sites

While the true elite do gather at
This very Manor
As a band they live like kings
And are voted in I’m told
I’ve figured a way to limit their reign
And ease the nation’s pain.
In this feudal land –its tax they pay
While the state grows fat
This franchise for the greedy.
In another land
A Modern State
Its a dividend they pay
For what business
200 years failed to stand alone
Would still be
on the

There’s a surplus I’m told of 9 billion
On Christmas Day.
dvide it by 5million!
I insist.
Let’s win the heart of the clown
pin the ail on the fool
the bullies a slave a heathen an ass
a delinquent guru
focus and fix our hearts
on one another alone
then we have won!
For no other place
will we call

Xmas Eve 2007

“Tangata Tangata Tangata”

In the Heavens Gods and Heroes meet
Holy Eldest - Acentre
Ancient brothers and sisters
Beckon the sacrifice to come
Ancestors no longer asleep

Awake Samoa
Aitu sing, “Hate and Love”
“Samoa-Carve her flesh”
Her beauty betrayed
30 pieces in exchange
The endtime coming

“Tangata Tagata Tangata”

Through lidded eyes see!
Tane and the Forest return.
Maui come to Tuhoe, Tonga, Samoa
whispering as a child,
“Wake my brother my sister
Father bring the child
Mother mother run to the Maunga”

“:Tangata Tangata tangata”

As they call the four Horsemen
Ancients rise the challenge to meet
Maui, Tane
Lufasiaitu to his feet
Tangaroa eyes ablaze
No time now to sleep
By mere, spear with sword or gun
The people by demons overrun
Tangata transcend
The strength of Atua
Yours on demand.

“Tangata Tangata tangata”

Holy Madman

You came to my land - I understand
I showed you the mountain and Sea
I took you Home so you needn’t roam
And there you met my wife
You sat at my table and we shared bread
We prayed together you got bored
You took my wife You broke my head
All of mine now yours to hoard
I went to Court to see the judge
your brother
He pulled out a parchment signed in blood
And asked if I knew this joke
who’d dipped his thumb in it
I had a dog would play in the flax
didn’t know he’d cost me tax
A year before dogs were free to roam
And now it’s me
–me and my dog
–no home.
-no wife.
–no bone.

A prophecy- Land-bones-blood

Speaker One

Lust for Gold
to sit in the Dark
with the Past and Unknown
infinite Grief
Eternity alone.”

Speaker Two

“In the land the bones
In the bones the blood
In the future shame
for those without love
To sell your mother
what a Sin
degraded by lust for gold”


“In the end they'll sit
in the Dark
with those who are Past
with those Unknown
What will they say
When all has past?
Eternally alone.”


FSM Taua