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Exports to New Zealand drop by 24 per cent
28 nov. 2013 - SamoaObserver.

Samoan exports to New Zealand have dropped by 24 per cent from the same 2012 period according to the CBS.

In its latest Foreign Trade Report form for August this year, exports to American Samoa almost doubled, while exports increased to Australia and Fiji by 9.0 per cent and 3.0 per cent respectively.

“The Pacific region maintained its prominence in Samoa’s export scene, with its share improving to 85.4 per cent in August 2013 from 83.3 per cent in July 2013 and 78.5 per cent in August 2012,” the report reads.

“Mainly responsible for this month’s higher share was increases in various export commodities, such as copra meal, scrap metals and coconut to Australia, which saw its share jump to 31.4 per cent in August 2013 from 28.7 per cent in the previous month and 19.9 per cent in the last month a year ago.

“The proportion of exports from American Samoa market fell to 27.8 per cent of total exports in August 2013, from the previous month.”

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